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Thank you to all the amazing walkers who turned out on Saturday to support our 10 KM charity walk and launch the Mouth Cancer 10 KM Awareness Walk From Home series. The walk was a huge success and will go a long way to raise much needed awareness about the early warning signs of the disease as well as funds to combat all head and neck cancers.

Between Sunday 1st October and Thursday 30th November 2023 walk as many times as you like on your own or with your family and pets around the comfort of your own area. The charity is encouraging as many people as possible to step out and make a difference during Mouth Cancer Action Month and raise much needed sponsorship.

If you are collecting money to support the Mouth Cancer Foundation this year, please send it to us by 31st December 2023.  There is still plenty of time to fundraise.  Donate Here

Thank you very much!

Mouth Cancer Walk 2023 from Home A5 Leaflet.jpg
Mouth Cancer Walk 2023 A5 Leaflet.jpg

Download the 2023 Mouth Cancer 10 KM Awareness Walk flyers and help to raise awareness!

Did you know that over 3,034 lives are lost each year in the UK from mouth cancer and worldwide the disease affects around 650,000 per year?

The Mouth Cancer 10 KM Awareness Walk 2023 will be bigger and better than ever as we return to Hyde Park in London.


Following on from the success of the Mouth Cancer 10 KM Awareness Walks from Home we are sticking with this fantastic opportunity to open up the walking events to more people than ever before. 


This is the 18th year of the annual walk, which is the only walk for mouth cancer anywhere in the world.  It is designed to increase awareness of mouth and all head and neck cancers.  It is also an opportunity to celebrate survivorship and raise funds to continue to support patients, carers and survivors coping with mouth cancer.

Although this is a 10 KM Walk, it is possible to walk as much or as little of the route as you wish.

Other ways to support

the Mouth Cancer Foundation


Why support

the Mouth Cancer Foundation?

There are over 8,864 new cases of mouth cancer in the UK every year.

The majority of deaths from mouth cancer occur because of late detection, due to a low public awareness of the signs, symptoms, and risks.

Self-checks for mouth cancer take just 2 minutes and could save your life, or someone you know.

The Mouth Cancer Foundation exists to save and improve the lives of patients, carers and survivors, increase awareness and education about all head and neck cancers. We want to make sure that everyone knows about mouth cancer so that cases can be caught earlier and patients are more likely to survive.


You can learn about what we are doing and help to raise awareness of the Mouth Cancer Foundation by following us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and by liking and sharing our posts with your friends and family.

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